Coronavirus Care Range


In response to the worsening pandemic, we have introduced a range of specific products and detergents formulated to eliminate the bacterial load of Coronavirus. These alcohol-based products work on surfaces, furniture, objects, and in the environment overall, neutralizing the virus and addressing the challenge of periodic sanitization effectively. Hotels, B&Bs, offices, restaurants, and businesses can independently or with the assistance of a specialized company utilize our Coronavirus line, effortlessly complying with legal requirements. The team at Thecno Clean is available to provide tailored consultation on the proper use of these products, ensuring maximum effectiveness and expertise. Upon request, we can also involve our cleaning partner company GST Facilities, whose staff is already trained in anti-Coronavirus cleaning practices and protocols.


In addition to anti-coronavirus detergents and sanitizers, effective emergency management requires a range of accessories and various products. These include items and machinery designed for the effective application of these detergents, such as an atomizer. This device vaporizes a 70% alcohol-based solution throughout the environment, ensuring comprehensive sanitization by misting the product and achieving exceptionally uniform results without damaging treated surfaces and objects, thanks to custom-formulated solutions. In addition, we have hand sanitizer gel, face masks, gloves, cloths, disposable items, and floor stands to place at the entrance of premises, facilitating the dispensing of sanitizer. All of this is delivered in Canton Ticino and throughout Switzerland using our vans, according to a scheduled calendar. A service delivered promptly and accurately, ideal for those who want to always have what they need without stress or delays.

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